Daily Mixes


The famous sound of MPS – The Singers Unlimited
On a clear day – Tony Hatch
Music for night people – Larry Page Orchestra
Upperseven – Bruno Nicolai (Sabina Montes vocals)
De Prisa – Aldemaro Romero
Senhorita – Heinz Kiessling
San Andres – Max Raffeng
Slick – Horst Jankowski
Falena – Heinz Kiessling
Dancing Rainbows – Horst Jankowski
Ein Haus auf einer Insel – Katja Ebstein
Friday’s Theme – Bill Hutchinson
Se mi vuoi – Bruno Martino
Maracanà – Giovanni Lamberti Orchestra
Felicia, my love – Les Baxter & 101 Strings
Isabel – Piero Piccioni
Claudia – Francy Boland
Sandals in the sand – John Shakespeare
La party – Nicolas Errera
The Girl From UNCLE – Teddy Randazzo

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Daily Mixes

One from the archives of some soon to be dead webradio. Deepfrequency.com started probably in 2008 and according to their FB page went off the air in May 2017. They also wanted to remove all of their content, but it’s actually still here and for grabs, i.e. download or streaming. No guarantees about how long til their gone. but I will come back once in a while and feature some more mixes.


1- Finis Africae — El Abrazo de la selva
2- Linda — Al Gobi rework
3- Dunkelziffer — Keine Python
4- Mala — Noches Suenos (Mala + Simbad Super Dub mix)
5- Prins Thomas – Flau Pappadans (DJ Fett Burger–s Taellekaell Mix)
6- Lascamao — Caminho De Minas
7- Dario Boente & Huge in Japan — Sabes Que?
8- Quasimode — Los Conquistadores Chocolates
9- Land of Light — Isle of Tears (Tiago remix)
10- Neo — Pointy Birds
11- Kash — Percussion Sundance
12- Suns Of Arqa — Ananta Snake Dance
13- Selvagem — Nada (edit)
14- Les Abranis — Akoudar
15- The Volcano Brothers – Neocolonialism Is Strong Tea
16- Owiny Sigoma Band — Nyiduonge Drums
17- Auntie Flo — Water of Life
18- Peven Everett — Easy Livin– (Java mix)
19- Isol–e — Dennis
20- Dinky — Falling Angel
21- Ditongo — Walk Between the Rain (re-edit of Rodriguez)
22- Steve Winwood — Penultimate Zone
23- Cantoma — Alive
24- The Greg Foat Group — Girl and Robot with Flowers
25- Michel Roques — Ricardo
26- Mind Fair — Bloody Mary
27- Vakula – Wanna Dance With You All My Life
28- JD Emmanuel — Trance-Lations Part I

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